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Multistack offers multiple packaged air cooled solutions with focuses on energy efficiency and reliability. The compressor is the driving force of the refrigerant. All other components were in working order when the chiller was taken out of service. Consequently, air-cooled chillers must raise the refrigerant temperature and pressure to a higher condition and will require more energy to do the same amount of cooling compared to a water-cooled chiller. As the world-class factory, Carrier has a number of technically advanced production lines, manufacturing commercial and residential chillers, compressors and air-side products.

User manuals, Carrier Chiller Operating guides and Service manuals.

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Hydroset is consisting of 2 pieces water pumps with expansion tank, Pro-dialog controller. With over forty years of combined service and manufacturing experience, Specialty Refrigeration and Equipment is your equipment solution company for new commercial air-cooled and water-cooled chiller packages. Trane is an advocate of environmental sustainability and leading the industry in reducing energy footprint. Air cooled chiller system exchange heat from processing water, and the heat is then transferred to the air outside.

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EquipNet is the world's leading provider of used chillers and various other preowned equipment. This type of air chiller system is widely used where the water resource is insufficient or the water quality is not very good. Thermal Care manufactures Accuchiller NQ air cooled chillers in ton, water cooled chillers in ton, and remote condensers up to 40 ton. With non-ozone depleting refrigerant, simple installation, superior efficiency and powerful controls, these units are ideal for both replacement and new construction projects.

The Carrier 30RB air cooled chiller is an all in one package unit for commercial applications. General Air Products offers a line of air cooled chillers packaged with pumps, a tank and microprocessor controls. This may be attributable to the fact that water-cooled chillers are installed indoors, and most air-cooled chiller configurations spend their lives outdoors in the elements.

Download free Carrier user manuals, owners manuals, instructions, warranties and installation guides, etc. An air-cooled chiller is a refrigerating system used to cool or dehumidify air by flowing a refrigerant over an evaporator tube bundle.

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Air-cooled systems generally have a lower first cost than water-cooled systems. Air-cooled chillers may last 20 years while water-cooled chillers may last 23 years or more. This type of chiller system is generally used in applications where the additional heat it discharges is not a factor. Unit sold as is.

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Small Air Cooled Chiller Heat Pump Reverse Cycle Chiller Advanced variable capacity DC Inverter Chiller with built-in variable speed pump - needs no buffer tank, no cooling tower, no water consumption - and it's perfect for ductless systems of up to 8 indoor units, solar integration, solar thermal, or hydronic floor heating. Oil-Free Magnetic bearing Centrifugal compressors, Tons. How refrigerant changes around an air cooled chiller. For a custom designed chiller model that meets your cooling needs, contact your local sales representative to discuss additional options.

I beieve it's leaking in the barrel. Call us today on to discuss HVAC equipment from Carrier has been widely used in commercial buildings and industrial systems. A system based on air-cooled chiller usually is less expensive to install and easier to maintain then other types, such as water-cooled systems. Five sizes with nominal cooling capacities from 16 to 42 kW. This unit over time has proven to be a excellent product for ease of use as well as efficiency, but the more recent change to MCHX or microchannel condenser coils have presented end users with some issues early on […] Carrier Air Cooled Chiller Fair Condition, unit was working when removed from service.

Air-cooled chillers are usually outside and consist of condenser coils cooled by fan-driven air.

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Calculator constants. Carrier Chiller. These 10 to ton chillers provide big benefits for small to mid-sized buildings. As their name implies, water-cooled chillers use water to absorb heat from the chiller and disperse it through a cooling tower, as opposed to air-cooled chillers and RTUs, which disperse heat only by using air-cooled condensor coils. Water cooled chillers, or water chillers, utilize flowing water to extract heat from a refrigerant.

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Still waters run deep. Water-cooled chillers are usually inside a building, and heat from these chillers is carried by recirculating water to a heat sink such as an outdoor cooling tower. Scroll To Products View Brochure. The best way to help begins before you get to the jobsite.

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It's a Carrier 30GT air cooled chiller. View other chiller options and accessories… The table below shows the air-cooled A PCP chiller models.

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While many air-cooled chillers use only leaving fluid temperature control, the 30GTN,GTR chillers utilize leaving fluid temperature control with a stan-dard entering fluid temperature com-pensation. Genemco buys, sells, consigns, and brokers quality used food processing equipment, Air Cooled Chiller, Used Freon Package Air Cooled Chillers, pasteurizers and other related equipment for the food processing industry. They are used in a wide variety of settings including hotels, corporate events, restaurants, sporting events, large-scale construction, industrial and manufacturing plants, and so forth.

From water-cooled chillers, airside equipment to control system, from electrical chiller to absorption chiller, from scroll, reciprocating, and screw chillers to centrifugal chillers, from cooling chillers to heat pump chillers, from water cooled products to air cooled chillers, the high technology Carrier Air Cooled Chiller Model 30GX to tons brochure Home Literature Library Carrier Air Cooled Chiller Model 30GX to tons brochure Please wait… some files take minutes to load.

When you trust our team of engineers with your cooling and industrial needs, you are guaranteed expert service and a satisfaction promise. This liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool equipment, or another process stream such as air or process water. The refrigerant first leaves the compressor as a high pressure, high temperature, superheated vapour and then enters the condenser. The following list gives a complete description of each alarm code and its possible cause. Daikin air cooled chillers have been the choice for system designers who are focused on simplicity and low cost.

Whether you need an air-cooled portable chiller, a water-cooled portable chiller, or a remote condenser portable chiller, chances are there is an economical Accuchiller that meets your exact requirements. The Marley brand features a full-line of cooling towers and related products. The Marley brand also provides fluid coolers, biomedia parts, cooling tower repair and reconstruction, inspections, performance testing, maintenance and disaster response. The NC Cooling Tower provides the broadest range of configurations and the highest cooling capacities available in a package cooling tower.

Available fully factory assembled or for field-erected installation and incorporates Marley-engineered components specifically designed for cooling tower service with time-tested tower design. Packaged forced draft fluid coolers. Mitsubishi offers a comprehensive line of drive products and solutions that are highly reliable and proven to deliver exceptional functionality year over year. NuClimate offers a full family of independently tested Induction Beam products that are made in America and are designed for the American market.

Website: www. Pep Filters, an Amiad USA company, has 35 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of automatic self-cleaning filters. Implementing green and clean-water technologies, we provide cost-effective and advanced filtration solutions for industrial, municipal, and commercial applications. Recold has achieved a prominent reputation for its high quality and for innovative products such as blower coil designs, a patented water defrost coil, and the first ton evaporative condenser. Today, the Recold brand continues to provide high-quality evaporative cooling products that deliver true long-term value.

The Recold line of forced draft towers are designed and manufactured using the finest components to deliver years of rugged performance.


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Systecon manufactures custom modular HVAC solutions for customers including owners, consulting engineers, and general contractors. Valent Air Management Systems is a manufacturer of High-Outdoor Air Packaged Rooftop Systems design to address the needs of building owners, specifying engineers and installing contractors. Miami Dade Miami Dade. AHU in a lightweight, all-aluminum panel design and fabrication that deliver maximum durability and ultra low air leakage Total AHU solution incorporates precise fit-and-finish of all structural elements of casing design, combined with top-rated fans, motors, controls and other components — all of which are worthy of the Air Enterprises name.