Gasification, Second Edition

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The handbook is printed in full colour with a hardcover. Biomass gasification is the thermal conversion of a heterogeneous solid material into a gaseous intermediate fuel, consisting primarily of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, that can be used for the production of heat, power, liquid fuels, and chemicals. Biomass is the only renewable source of organic carbon, and its use is a key issue of sustainable development.

The gasification of biomass has the potential to offer a major contribution to meeting the international targets for CO2 mitigation. Confidence in biomass gasification waned somewhat in the first years after the turn of the century as the technology did not fully meet the high expectations. Catalysts for emerging energy applications.

MRS Bulletin. Pang S, Mujumdar AS.

Drying of woody biomass for bioenergy: Drying technologies and optimization for an integrated bioenergy plant. Drying Technology. DOI: Effect of woody biomass components on air-steam gasification.

Gasification, Second Edition

Biomass and Bioenergy. Characteristics of hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin pyrolysis. Gasification of leached orujillo olive oil waste in a pilot plant circulating fluidized bed reactor. Preliminary results. Guo F, Dong Y.

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Herb residues gasification in a circulating fluidized bed. Advanced Materials Research. Petersen I, Werther J. Experimental investigation and modeling of gasification of sewage sludge in the circulating fluidized bed. Chemical Engineering and Processing. Comparing calcined and un-treated olivine as bed materials for tar reduction in fluidized bed gasification. Circulating fluidized bed gasification tests of seed cakes residues after oil extraction and comparison with wood. Cogasification of woody biomass and coal with air and steam.

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Cogasification of Colombian coal and biomass in fluidized bed: An experimental study. Review and analysis of biomass gasification models. Thermo-chemical routes for hydrogen rich gas from biomass: A review. An innovative example of herb residues recycling by gasification in a fluidized bed. Waste Management.

Biomass gasification in atmospheric and bubbling fluidized bed: Effect of the type of gasifying agent on the product distribution. High temperature steam-only gasification of woody biomass. Applied Energy. Steam gasification characteristics of coir pith in a circulating fluidized bed gasifier. An experimental study on biomass air-steam gasification in a fluidized bed.

Biomass gasification in a kWth steam-oxygen blown circulating fluidized bed gasifier. Effects of operational conditions on product gas distribution and tar formation. Steam—oxygen gasification of forest residues and bark followed by hot gas filtration and catalytic reforming of tars: Results of an extended time test. The effects of wood particle size and different process variables on the performance of steam-oxygen blown circulating fluidized-bed gasifier.

Role of catalyst and its fluidization in the catalytic gasification of biomass to syngas at low temperature. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research. Bagasse gasification in a kWth steam-oxygen blown circulating fluidized bed gasifier with catalytic and non-catalytic upgrading of the syngas using ceramic filters. Energy Prod and Man in the 21st Cent, Vol. Parametric analysis of a circulating fluidized bed biomass gasifier for hydrogen production. Research on the main factors for changes in pressure based on turbulent circulating fluidized bed coal gasification technology.

Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering. Nagaraja M, Sundaresan R. Gasification of Juliflora chips in a circulating fluidized bed gasifier. International Journal of Engineering and Science. Co-gasification of biomass and lignite in the indirect gasifier milena. Pittsburgh Coal Conference. USA; Sep. Combined gasification of coal and biomass in internal circulating fluidized bed.

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Gas cyclones and swirl tubes: principles, design, and operation. Berlin, New York: Springer; Atimtay AT. Cleaner energy production with integrated gasification combined cycle systems and use of metal oxide sorbents for H2S cleanup from coal gas. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy. Ancillary equipment for biomass gasification. A critical review of syngas cleaning technologies-fundamental limitations and practical problems. Wet scrubbers. Lancaster, Pa: Technomic. Determination of vapor phase alkali content during biomass gasification fourth biomass conference of the Americas: Oakland CA.

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  • Direct observation of alkali vapor release during biomass combustion and gasification. Energy Fuel. The fate of inorganic constituents of biomass in fluidized bed gasification. The effect of IGFC warm gas cleanup system conditions on the gas-solid partitioning and form of trace species in coal syngas and their interactions with SOFC anodes. Journal of Power Sources. Amsterdam, Boston: Gulf Professional Pub. Recent developments in dry hot syngas cleaning processes.


    If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. Chapter 4. Karl M. Tools Request permission Export citation Add to favorites Track citation. Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Summary Through gasification of biomass, a heterogeneous solid material is converted into a gaseous fuel intermediate that can be used for heating, industrial process applications, electricity generation, and liquid fuels production.

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