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Provide plenty of safe supplies. Toddlers love to explore new ways of using things, so look for non-toxic finger-paint, markers, clays, and play dough that are harmless if eaten. Clothes and hats for dress-up should be easy to get on and off and free of anything that could catch on or choke a child.

Definition of the Sociological Imagination and Overview of the Book

Musical instruments should have no hard edges or small, detachable parts. Let your child make choices. Whenever it's convenient and safe , allow your child to think for himself. Ask, for instance, whether she wants to drink from the green cup or the blue cup, or if he prefers to wear the striped pants or the plaid ones.

Though such choices may seem trifling to an adult, a child who is starting to gain control over her life will find them exhilarating.

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Tolerate a mess. When your child is engaged in creative play , resign yourself to disorder and avoid such phrases as "That's too messy" or "That doesn't go there.

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Participate in creative projects. Studies have found that children whose parents participate in creative play with them develop broader vocabularies and more flexible thinking skills, says Judy Lyden, director of the Garden School, in Evansville, Indiana.

Imagination -Shawn Mendes (lyrics)

So sit down and finger-paint with your child. Or play dress-up with him. Know what to expect. It's unrealistic to think a toddler can draw a recognizable picture of a house or tell a story with a logical beginning, middle, and end.


What you can expect, says Penny Hansen, assistant director of Kangaroo's Korner Early Childhood Learning Center, in Watertown, Connecticut, is "free flights of the imagination, unusual stories with no endings, bold colors in broad strokes, music with more emotion than melody, and lots of enthusiasm.

Don't push your toddler into making things that look or sound like the real counterpart. Praise whatever he creates — even if it looks like a pageful of scribble to you. You can even display your child's artwork on the refrigerator or over your desk. Don't force it. Never insist that a child engage in artistic projects if he isn't interested. And understand that even if he is, his attention may dwindle quickly.

Above all, you want your child to realize that the creative process is a pleasure to be savored, not a chore to be endured. Make noise. It also boosts memory , word recognition, and familiarity with sequence and rhyme, which all contribute to school readiness. This is a perfect opportunity for ingenuity because you may not have the answer but could always Google it together later! Inspire big thoughts. This can build anticipation and lets you grasp his expectations, explains Meredith Sinclair, author of Well Played and spokesperson for Moluk, open-ended-play toys.

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Go deeper. Free play is great, but mature play turning a generic pretend restaurant into a small-town diner with recurring characters and backstories, for example is even more beneficial because it allows kids to delve into details. Help nudge your child thereby offering an intriguing scenario, says Dr. After five minutes, ask your child to finish baking your bug cake, then step away. One of the Pickle Inspectors then used Combat Operandi: Temporal Replicsimile to split into two selves, one traveling into the future and becoming Future Pickle Inspector , the other the past and becoming Past Pickle Inspector.

Some items can increase the amount of imagination a character has, most notably alcoholic beverages.


The amount of imagination increased is relative to the current imagination of the character and the strength of the drink. The higher the imagination, the less of an impact the drink.

Although hangovers do not lower imagination, they temporarily disable imagination itself until the hangover is cured. Normally, characters in the living world who project themselves into the imaginary world are unable to move their physical body, and should reside in the safety of a Fort. However, those with the Combat Operandi: Abstracted Thought are able to have both imaginary bodies and be consciously separate from them.

It is not entirely clear if these separate consciousnesses are divided entirely from their source, or if they still share the same mind further complicated by time-traveling alter-egos. Due to the portals from the imaginary world to the real world, people with high imagination have the potential to create imaginary inanimate objects and bring them into reality.

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  • Imagination is also reflected in the real world by the character's mannerisms. Characters with low imagination may be less humorous or witty, an example of which being Ace Dick eating candy corn instead of performing Candy Corn Vampire. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].