Modern multidimensional scaling : theory and applications

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The main reason for doing this is that one wants a graphical display of the structure of the data, one that is much easier to understand than an array of numbers and, moreover, one that displays the essential information in the data, smoothing out noise. There are numerous varieties of MDS.

Some facets for distinguishing among them are the particular type of geometry into which one wants to map the data, the mapping function, the algorithms used to find an optimal data representation, the treatment of statistical error in the models, or the possibility to represent not just one but several similarity matrices at the same time.

Other facets relate to the different purposes for which MDS has been used, to various ways of looking at or "interpreting" an MDS representation, or to differences in the data required for the particular models. In this book, we give a fairly comprehensive presentation of MDS.

Modern Multidimensional Scaling : Theory and Applications

For the reader with applied interests only, the first six chapters of Part I should be sufficient. They explain the basic notions of ordinary MDS, with an emphasis on how MDS can be helpful in answering substantive questions. Constructing MDS Representations. Three Applications of MDS.

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      29: Non-Metric Multidimensional Scaling (NMDS)

      Abstract "The book provides a comprehensive treatment of multidimensional scaling MDS , a family of statistical techniques for analyzing the structure of dis similarity data. Such data are widespread, including, for example, intercorrelations of survey items, direct ratings on the similarity on choice objects, or trade indices for a set of countries. MDS represents the data as distances among points in a geometric space of low dimensionality. This map can help to see patterns in the data that are not obvious from the data matrices.

      Modern Multidimensional Scaling - Theory and Applications | I. Borg | Springer

      MDS is also used as a psychological model for judgments of similarity and preference. The prerequisite is an elementary background in statistics. The book is also well suited for a variety of advanced courses on MDS topics. All the mathematics required for more advanced topics is developed systematically.

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