Oscillation Theory of Partial Differential Eqns

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Domingos H U Marchetti. Gauge Theory and Variational Principles. David Bleecker. Harmonic Vector Fields. Sorin Dragomir. Physical Mathematics. Kevin Cahill. Variational Methods for Eigenvalue Problems. John A. Vector Geometry.

Oscillation theory

Gilbert de B. A First Look at Perturbation Theory. James G. Handbook of Global Analysis. Demeter Krupka. Fractional Differential Equations.

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Xiaoping Xu. Leonid Shaikhet. Introduction to Partial Differential Equations. Donald Greenspan. Geometry of Cauchy-Riemann Submanifolds. Half-Linear Differential Equations. Ondrej Dosly. Partial Differential Equations. David Colton. Gui-Qiang G. Med Math Simplified - Second Edition. Jamie Davis. Skip to: Search Results. Log In. My Account. Remember to clear the cache and close the browser window. Search For:. Advanced Search. Limit Search Results. Include Exclude. View All. Collapse All. Material Type. It is known see any of papers [ 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 ] that this case is not generally solvable.

More precisely , for. We conjecture that Eq.


Oscillation Theory of Partial Differential Equations - PDF Free Download

Our conjecture is based on results of [ 26 , 27 ] , but it remains an open problem. To illustrate Theorem 3. We consider the equation. From Theorem 3. We repeat that we obtain new results even for linear equations. With regard to the importance of this fact, we formulate the corresponding consequence of Theorem 3.

The corollary follows directly from Theorem 3. Hasil P. Agarwal R. Schmidt K.

Oscillation of half-linear differential equations with asymptotically almost periodic coefficients

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