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The first half of the book brings a variety of philosophical approaches to technology, politics and ethics, while the latter half draws the richness of the practitioner's embodied perspective into the bag of analytical tools.

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Show next xx. Services for this book Download High-Resolution Cover. Causey E. Meehan N. PAGE 1. This impressive new book from Sue-Ellen Case looks at how science has been performed throughout history, tracing a line from nineteenth century alchemy to the twenty-first century virtual avatar. In this bold and wide-ranging book that is written using a crossbreed of styles, we encounter a glance of Edison in his laboratory, enter the soundscape of John Cage and raid tombs with Lara Croft.

Case looks at the intersection of science and performance, the academic treatment of classical plays and internet-like bytes on contemporary issues and experiments where the array of performances include: electronic music Sun Ra, the jazz musician the recursive play of tape from Samuel Beckett to Pauline Oliveros Performing Science and the Virtual reviews how well these performances borrow from spiritualist notions of transcendence, as well as the social codes of race, gender and economic exchange. This book will appeal to academics and graduates studying theatre and performance studies, cultural studies and philosophy.

Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. To this end more than 82, hours of trans-national access are provided to these research infrastructures and specific programmes are in place to teach new users how to successfully use synchrotrons and FELs access to synchrotrons, FEL-IR, FEL-X-ray, Hard X-ray. The current call is open from July 6th, to December 21st, PedCRIN has launched a call for multinational clinical studies in children and neonates, to support multinational extension of paediatric clinical studies funded in the coordinating country.

SERA also offers virtual access to data and products in seismology, engineering seismology and anthropogenic seismicity. EUSMI provides the community of European soft-matter researchers with an open-access infrastructure as a platform to support and extend their research, covering characterization, synthesis, and modeling. Access is offered to infrastructures covering the full chain of functional soft-matter material research, ranging from advanced material characterization by a full suite of specialized experimental installations, including large-scale facilities, chemical synthesis of a full set of soft-matter materials, up-scaling of laboratory synthesis, to modeling by high-performance supercomputing.

Habitats comprise estuaries e. Next call will open at the beginning of January More info coming soon! HEMERA is a Reseach Infrastructure which integrates a large starting community in the field of tropospheric and stratospheric balloon-borne research, to make existing balloon facilities available to all scientific teams in the European Union, Canada and associated countries.

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A wide range of scientific and technical themes are addressed, such as astronomy, atmospheric physics and chemistry, climate research, fundamental physics, biology, space research and technology. The first call for proposal to access the RI is planned for July with a deadline mid-October EUROVOLC accesses will offer the opportunity to investigate natural phenomena from field observations to interpretation of processes, and their modelling and stochastic prediction. The number of available resources will grow in the course of the project.

There are no financial implications to the institutions for accessing them:.

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The next call will open on December 1st with a deadline on February 28th EUMarineRobots EUMR proposes an access-infrastructure for the deployment of a full-range of aerial, surface and sub-surface marine robotic assets, the combined value of which is far greater than the sum of their parts. ARICE will provide transnational access to four European and two international research icebreakers for European scientists.

Access is granted based on scientific excellence of the research proposals, which researchers need to submit during the application process. The participating icebreakers are:. The next call for proposals will open in NanoCommons is driven by the European nanosafety, nanomedicine and emerging materials research and regulatory communities need for an e-infrastructure providing a standardised, reproducible and interoperable way to access all available data, knowledge and analysis and modelling tools that have been adapted and verified as suitable for application to nanomaterials.

Patient-derived tumour xenografts PDX are now widely embraced by the scientific community as important preclinical tools for cancer biomarker discovery and drug development. However, they are costly and time-consuming to develop. These models and their phenotypic and molecular traits have been poorly visible outside of publications in scientific journals or presentations at congresses, and are so far only accessible through discrete collaborative projects.

TA offers academic and industry researchers from Europe and worldwide the opportunity to remotely access the patient-derived tumour xenografts PDX models, services, and expertise of the EurOPDX Research Infrastructure. The 1st TA call is open as of October 31 st , Deadline for proposal submission: 31 st January Two further calls for access will be launched, in October and Spring respectively.

From the 2nd call for access, a third type of access will be made available: TEST will cover the performance of in vivo preclinical experiments on PDXs engrafted in immunocompromised mice within one of the 6 nodes for successful applicants. These include bioreactors, models and decision-support systems, laboratories and other facilities. Mass spectrometry MS has become the most ubiquitous analytical techniques in use today, providing more information on the composition and the structure of a substance from a smaller amount of sample than any other techniques.

Submissions are welcome at any time.

The evaluation procedure should lead to an answer to the proposer within 4 weeks of the submission date. SmartCow integrates key European cattle research infrastructures to promote their coordinated use and development and thereby help the European cattle sector face the challenge of sustainable production.

Covering all the relevant scientific fields and the diversity of cattle types and production systems, SmartCow will provide the academic and private research communities with easy access to 11 major research infrastructures from 7 countries 18 installations of high quality services and resources. Six research institutes together with five knowledge hubs of excellence will address the long term needs of energy management in self-powered smart sensor systems as required by IoT innovation.

From the sign-up page you can also make a more detailed enquiry , giving a brief description of your access interest. Application and selection of the proposals to grant access is a rolling process. EMSO is a large scale, distributed, marine Research Infrastructure of fixed-point observatories serving marine science researchers, marine technology engineers, policy makers, and the public. EMSO consists of ocean observation systems for sustained monitoring of environmental processes end their interactions.

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The variables address natural hazards, climate change, and marine ecosystems. The list of observatories offered for TNA are designed to offer the broadest scientific and technological capabilities to future users in the framework of TNA.

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EOSC-hub brings together multiple service providers to create the Hub: a single contact point for European researchers and innovators to discover, access, use and reuse a broad spectrum of resources for advanced data-driven research. For researchers, this will mean a broader access to services supporting their scientific discovery and collaboration across disciplinary and geographical boundaries. The generous EU funding received by the project is complemented with a contribution from the EGI Foundation and its participants, and in-kind contributions made available by service providers of the EGI Federation.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon research and innovation programme, under grant agreement No Skip to main content. Project Acronym. Status Any Open Closed.

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Transnational Access Info: A key activity of the InGRID-2 project is providing transnational access to research infrastructures with data and expertise within the fields of poverty and living conditions. Different deadlines per research team. See website. There are 3 modalities of access: transnational access. Remote Access RA is a modality of access, where the user group does not physically visit the station. Transnational Access Info: Laserlab-Europe offers transnational access to top-quality laser research facilities in a highly co-ordinated fashion for the benefit of the European research community.

Transnational Access Info: Marinet2 provides free access to a world leading network of test facilities, so technology developers can validate concepts and generate the additional investment needed to move towards the marketplace. Transnational Access Info: The network comprises 17 distinct telescopes in a size range from 0.

There are two calls for proposal each year. Transnational Access Info: RadioNet is a consortium of 28 institutions in Europe, Republic of Korea and South Africa, integrating at European level world-class infrastructures for research in radio astronomy. There are different deadline for each telescopes. Transnational Access Info: RISIS gives access to 13 datasets for studying science and innovation The datasets cover five critical dimensions: ERA dynamics 3 datasets , firm innovation dynamics 3 datasets , public sector research 3 datasets , research careers 3 datasets and a repository on research and innovation policy evaluations.

No deadline for requesting access. Transnational Access Info: ACTRIS-2 provides a coordinated framework to support and facilitate hands-on access of researchers to 18 world-class observing platforms in Europe within the transnational access TNA programme.

Call for access are open and continuous no deadline. Transnational Access Info: AHEAD integrate key research infrastructures for on-ground test and calibration of space-based sensors and electronics and promote their coordinated use. Visitor Program: Call 3. There are no deadlines for applications; application and selection is a rolling process. Transnational Access Info: The EHRI fellowships are intended to support and stimulate Holocaust research by facilitating international access to key archives and collections related to the Holocaust as well as archival and digital humanities knowhow.

The 3rd call is now closed 11 March. Transnational Access Info: Europlanet RI is a new Research Infrastructure that is addressing key scientific and technological challenges facing modern planetary science by providing open access to state-of-the-art research data, models and facilities across the European Research Area. Europlanet RI provides: Transnational access to world-leading laboratory facilities that simulate conditions found on planetary bodies as well as specific analogue field sites for Mars, Europa and Titan.