Social Work Practice with Immigrants and Refugees

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Asylum and refugees. Children Care proceedings in asylum cases often not justifiable, says judge.

Children , Workforce Top tips on supporting families with no recourse to public funds. Children David Cameron drops opposition to taking in unaccompanied child refugees from Europe. Children Government agrees to take in more unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. Children Huge rise in child asylum seekers leaves many councils struggling to cope. Children Expecting only social workers to do age assessments is setting them up to fail.

Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees, Second Edition

Children , Workforce Government urged to consider local authority capacity when dispersing child refugees. Children , Workforce How social workers should approach asylum age assessments. Children , Workforce Councils compelled to take in asylum-seeking children if Immigration Bill passes. Careers Zone Tips on preparing for a social work job interview How do you return to social work?

Social Work & Immigration

Since social work constitutes an important sector of many West European welfare systems, social workers are often given a frontline position in implementing integration and immigrant policies. As the leading social work scholar Walter Lorenz has insisted, the ways refugees or migrants are dealt with in a particular society "expose the prevailing rationale for the existence of boundaries of belonging, social responsibility and the conditions of citizenship".

Relatedly, social workers can be important actors in supporting the citizenship status and rights of migrants and challenge the exclusionary forces of citizenship that migrants face. Since social workers are at the front line of social policy implementation, it is important to examine and assess their views of migrants, cultural diversity and refugee reception in order to identify how the representatives of the social work profession contribute to inclusion and exclusion in a society marked by diversity.

Clearly, their ways of dealing with these issues will affect migrants' experiences of integration and interaction within the Swedish society, their feelings of belonging, security and trust in the Swedish welfare system and society.

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The research and teaching group Social work and migration at Linnaeus University addresses all these areas of enquiry in their activities. We have begun collecting and analysing data about the contemporary reception of refugees.

Social Work Practice with Immigrants and Refugees

Our research group works in collaboration with the Linnaeus University Centre for Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies and are taking part in the Nordic colonialism cluster. During autumn of professor Mathew J Gibney was a guest professor at the department of social work. During his stay here, we arranged a program of lectures and workshops with particular focus on asylum, citizenship and the reception of refugees in Western European countries.

Our research collaboration with professor Gibney continues.

How to Volunteer to Help Immigrant Children Separated from Family |

Our research Social work and migration started in as a collaborative forum for researchers and teachers at the department of social work interested in and responding to ongoing and increasing migration processes. Project: A worthy reception? Social work with of refugees and migrants.

Summer Course: Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees

Asylum reception is characterized by rapidly changing conditions as well as by a complex structure of receiving actors and instit…. Project: Communication with non-Swedish speaking clients and patients The purpose of the study is to map how primary care and social services staff handle communication with patients who have difficult….

Project: Generating hope and dealing with uncertainty: An ethnographic study of the social dimensions of hope in the Swedish asylum-seeking context This project will study issues of hope and uncertaint…. Project: Migration experience and religion as resource.

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An ethnographic study.