The Pentagons New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-first Century

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Thomas P.M. Barnett's "New Map" Brief in 2002

The Pentagon's new map war and peace in the twenty-first century by Thomas P. M Barnett Published by G. Putnam's Sons in New York. Written in English.

The Pentagon's New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century

Times Table of Contents New rule sets The rise of the "lesser includeds" Disconnectedness defines danger The fore and the gap The new ordering principle The global transaction strategy The myths we make Hope without guarantees. Edition Notes Includes bibliographical references and index.

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  • Pentagon’s New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century.
  • The Pentagon’s New Map. War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century.

Classifications Library of Congress UA B The Physical Object Pagination p. Other questions did arise when reading the excerpts regarding the Iraq War; however, since I am afforded 8 years of hindsight — the book was published in — I will refocus attention on to another topic.

The Pentagon's New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century ( book) - SourceWatch

Why else would the US government condemn other countries for human rights abuses, while preparing defense teams in cases brought against them from Khaled al-Masri and Maher Arar? Why else would Washington condemn the Kremlin for invading South Ossetia — Russian rationale was to protect its citizens from discriminatory practices — but justifies invading Iraq as a means to protect the people from an abusive government?

If the Pentagon devises a new rule-set, how will this look against existing paradigm? The policies and strategies implemented in the existing system need to be revamped, across the board, to insure the proper plans are being developed throughout the world. Complexities will cause many planners to implement quick-fix solutions, though they will not necessarily point the country in the correct direction.

In all, Dr. He is able to build his message in a clear and concise manner, building ideas on top of one another, which assists him in conveying the message and building a broader understanding of where we must go from here. If you're interested in writing for International Policy Digest - please send us an email via submissions intpolicydigest. Columbia Pictures.

Patrick Hall Dust Jacket Condition: New. First Edition, with correct number line sequence, no writing, marks, underlining, or bookplates. No remainder marks.

Why the Pentagon Changes Its Maps

Spine is tight and crisp. Boards are flat and true and the corners are square. Dust jacket is not price-clipped. Beautiful collectible copy. Seller Inventory M Never used!. Seller Inventory P Book Description: A groundbreaking reexamination of U.

The Pentagon's new map

Since the end of the Cold War, America's national security establishment has been searching for a new operating theory to explain how this seemingly "chaotic" world actually works. Gone is the clash of blocs, but replaced by what?

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Thomas Barnett has the answers. A senior military analyst with the U. The Pentagon's New Map is a cutting-edge approach to globalization that combines security, economic, political, and cultural factors to do no less than predict and explain the nature of war and peace in the twenty-first century.

Building on the works of Friedman, Huntington, and Fukuyama, and then taking a leap beyond, Barnett crystallizes recent American military history and strategy, sets the parameters for where our forces will likely be headed in the future, outlines the unique role that America can and will play in establishing international stability-and provides much-needed hope at a crucial yet uncertain time in world history. For anyone seeking to understand the Iraqs, Afghanistans, and Liberias of the present and future, the intimate new links between foreign policy and national security, and the operational realities of the world as it exists today, The Pentagon's New Map is a template, a Rosetta stone.

Agree with it, disagree with it, argue with it-there is no book more essential for and beyond. About the Author: Dr. Barnett, senior strategic researcher and professor at the U. Seller Inventory ABE New book, 1st edition, frist printing, in new dust jacket signed by author on title page. Signed by Author s.